How To Treat Acne Scars Fast – The Methods For Getting Rid Of Facial Pimple Scars


There is a common myth that sunlight can help reduce the color of zit scars.

The sun can cause pimple scars to get darker and appear deeper due to loss of pigment in the face. The UV rays from the sun encourage your pigment-producing cells to produce more pigment causing discoloration. The sun can make the epidermis dry and irritated and can cause premature aging. Complete avoidance of the sun is not the answer as it is how we get vitamin D that supports our immune system. It is important to apply sunscreen when spending time outside no matter what season it is. Before heading outdoors slather on a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of 15 or higher. While sunscreen should protect your skin and prevent the worsening of marks there are some specific sunscreens you should use ( A non-acnegenic label is your best choice for sunscreens because it won’t clog your already sensitive pores. To not use inflammatory causing sunscreen with titanium dioxide but instead look for zinc oxide as it can be beneficial for zit prone skin.

By undergoing dermabrasion you can be free of zit marks and feel better about yourself

get-rid-of-pimple-scars-02Dermabrasion is a treatment that uses a rotating wire brush to wear down the damaged skin. After the top layers of skin are removed and are healing you will grow new epidermis to replace it. Before treatment the areas to be treated are cleaned and marked and a local anesthetic is usually used to numb the skin. You will most likely undergo this process in the office of your doctor or dermatologist. Factors that affect the depth of the resurfacing include how coarse the burr or brush is and how quickly it rotates. New epidermis will regrow within a couple of weeks and will be a pink or red color but this will fade within 6 weeks. It is extremely important for you to follow your doctor’s instructions on caring for your epidermis after the treatment (treat bad pimple scars quickly at home). Cleansing the epidermis several times a day to avoid infection and to get rid of the crusting that sometimes develops is vital. Avoiding sun exposure using sunscreen every day is a must after dermabrasion. Be aware that some common side effects of dermabrasion are redness and increased sensitivity to sunlight but this will lessen after 6 to 12 weeks.

If you want to know how to treat zit marks naturally use egg whites

A natural way to help smooth your skin and tighten your complexion is to use egg whites. The lysozymes in egg white are about 20 times more active than the natural skin lightener kojic acid. The enzymes in egg whites prevent browning and also helps preserve red and pink colors in the skin. Egg whites are also full of proteins and amino acids that can tighten the pores to prevent new breakouts while it lightens the scarred skin. Crack the egg and pull it in half over a bowl so that you can contain the yoke in a shell and let the egg white fall into the bowl. Once you have the egg whites separated whip them until they are white and fluffy. Dab the egg whites onto your scars using a cotton ball and let dry on your skin (how to treat acne scars fast). Once it has dried wait a few minutes before rinsing away gently with moderately warm water. Since the egg whites have a tightening affect you may want to stretch the muscles in your face after you have done the remedy. Be consistent in your application of the egg white remedy and you will begin to see some good results after a few weeks.